Nature. Family. Friendships.

Make something out of it and share it with others. That is our creed.

As long as we can think, we are on vacation whether summer or winter in the Graubünden mountains to Davos-Klosters. Our parents have already done the same with their parents and we are now doing it with our children. Even though we sometimes didn’t feel like going hiking again as a child, we now know what a privilege it is to be allowed to grow up like this. As a young person you want to fly and explore the world and that’s right. And when you have quenched this thirst, you gradually look for the way back to the tried and tested, what you call or feel home.

The Klosters-Davos region is home to us.

So many beautiful things and memories connect us to this beautiful piece of earth. Be it skiing, hiking, good food, the Davos hockey club or the general attitude to life up here. Nothing is put on, everything is real and natural.

The Alpenrösli is an integral part of our best memories. The joy was always great when it was said that today we are going to have dinner in the Alpenrösli and then you can take the sled down into the valley. When we were teenagers we were allowed to go to the Casa Antica, the village club of Klosters, which has a long tradition. Many of our friends got married in the Alpenrösli or celebrated the baptism and confirmation of their children. Some of them learned to ski on the ski lift that used to be here.

In short, we love this house and took it over in December 2019 with the aim of maintaining traditions on the one hand and making it accessible to people from all over the world who yearn for the same way of life as we do:

  • distance from hectic everyday life
  • simple, down-to-earth food
  • a cozy roof over your head and
  • good friendships

We look forward to you!

Fabian, Marco, Niggi and the Alpenrösli team