Where the fox and the hare say goodnight.

On the ground floor is the living area, consisting of a large, cozy living room, a traditional Graubünden style seating area and a kitchen that has everything you need.

Upstairs are 3 cozy bedrooms, completely clad in wood. Bed linen inspired by nature, embroidered with motifs, such as snowflakes, fir or deer and decorative pillows that remind us of grandma’s knitting in front of the stove.

The master bedroom has a spacious changing room and in the other two rooms there are large peasant cupboards that offer enough space, even for travellers with large suitcases.

The bathroom is equipped with a shower and bathtub and on the ground floor there is another toilet with a laundry room.

If you want to watch a movie together in the evening, cozy up on the couch in the living room. Use the warm blankets, lots of pillows, and enjoy Netflix on na big screen – the movie night is set.